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What is an OSHA DOL Card? How To Get Yours

What exactly is an OSHA DOL card? To start OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which was originally devised by the US Congress to inspect and examine workplace safety. It is integrated with the US Department of Labor, somtimes referred to as DOL.

Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, the USA Congress created this platform to ensure a safe and healthy work area for workers by establishing a series of regulations and standards that must be followed. As a result of establishing this agency, a significant decline has been reported in the rates of injury and costs related to injury without serious effects on employment and sales.


To ensure workplace security, take advantage of the various available training, education, and outreach programs. One example is the ‘OSHA’s Outreach Training Program’, which teaches workers how to identify potential health hazards and understand their rights in their workplace. This program promotes the safety of workplaces and the health of workers.

What Is An OSHA DOL Card?

Students who complete the OSHA’s outreach training program are issued an OSHA card, an official plastic wallet card, or a DOL card (Department of Labour card) or completion card. Several outreach courses are available for different jobs depending upon their roles and types of industries. For instance, 10 hours course is for workers, and 30 hours course is for supervisors. 

Did you know that many employers now require DOL provided by OSHA? While it’s not a requirement by OSHA itself, it has become a necessary credential for many job seekers. By obtaining this certification, you can stand out from other candidates and demonstrate your commitment to workplace safety. The variety in DOL by OSHA is based on the type of training for a particular industry and the program length.   

  • DOLs provided by OSHA are of 12 types with 10 hours and 30 hours types for construction, maritime and industry cards. 
  • OSHA also issues 7.5 hours and 5 hours DOL cards for disaster cards such as 10/30 hour construction/general industry/maritime cards.
  • The 7.5/15 hours disaster site worker cards, construction trainer cards, general industry trainer cards, and maritime trainer cards. 

Why Do You Need A DOL Card?

OSHA does not require a worker to have a DOL card, but the employer determines whether a worker needs a DOL card or not for work in a particular industry. OSHA DOL cards acts as an identification or proof of your completion of the OSHA outreach course. Companies such as construction require beginner-level workers to complete the OSHA outreach training programs and withhold the card due to the high risks and hazards that can occur during the construction. 

DOL by OSHA has become a job requirement at many workplaces by many employers; thus, it is to be kept by the workers with them all the time. It contains the worker’s name and the name of their trainer, the date of issuance of the card and the institute of OSHA from where the card was issued. Moreover, it also has a QR code, allowing employers and managers to authenticate the worker faster. So, in general, apart from workplace requirements, the benefits of DOL cards are also extended to workers’ safety. 

DOL Card By OSHA | Department of Labor OSHA Card

DOL provided by OSHA encourages workers to complete the training course to endorse the safety culture in the workplace. Deeds during the training under the supervision of well-trained mentors provide an initial know-how of the industry and workplace. Moreover, the DOL cardholders efficiently recognise various possible hazards and their evasion. 

They are also well-educated for their rights, the responsibilities of the employers upon them and the process through which they can register their complaints in front of upper authority through proper channels/routes.   

Considering the benefits of DOL cards, one must ensure their certificate completion and issuance.

How Can You Get A DOL Card?

To get a DOL card provided by OSHA, the student must enrol in a specific OSHA training outreach program 10 hr or 30 hr course, complete the program in a specified period or within three attempts and pass the final assessment with a 70% score at least. The certificate of completion can then be downloaded, and the card will be issued within 90 days. Until the card is issued, a certificate of completion can also be utilized. 

Which Type of Card is best Suited for You?

The best card type hinges on the type of work an employee wants to perform or the industry you are applying to. In each industry, the shorter courses are designed for the workers, while longer courses are designed for the supervisors or workers with supervisory responsibilities. OSHA has established standard numbers for a group of industries depending upon their types and designed cards for each industry depending on their education levels. 

Such cards are:

  • Maritime DOL card 
  • Construction DOL card
  • Disaster worker card
  • General industry card 

If you are looking to work in a marine terminal, the maritime DOL card is the best option for you. However, if you plan to work in the construction industry, the construction DOL card is the most suitable. If you want to work in site cleanup services and hold a skilled support worker title, then you can use the disaster worker card. Finally, the general industry DOL card is designed for all other groups, including healthcare, warehouse, and manufacturing units.

The most common types of DOL cards available are OSHA, construction, and general industry cards.

Get Your DOL Card

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