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360OSHA30 Group Enrollment

The 360OSHA30 stands more than resolved and determined in its goal of enforcing OSHA’s site safety standards and workplace regulations. With our strong take on prioritizing site safety by any means to dispense a safe work environment to all, we introduce a unique feature: “Bulk Discounts” on OSHA Online Safety Training.

Whether you’re an amateur worker or a seasoned manager, bulk enrollment caters to everyone’s training needs engaged in occupational jobs requiring crucial workplace safety skills, knowledge, and awareness.

Thus, we encourage individuals deeply committed to improving workplace safety to enroll in OSHA Safety Training Courses and unlock unlimited discount offers through our “Bulk Enrollment” while saving on online training costs.

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Benefits you Get with Bulk Enrollment

Custom-built LMS: Our custom-made learning management system equips users with separate login credentials to cater to a more personalized and effective learning experience.

Free Study Guides: A priceless resource for dispensing additional support in grasping the course outline, our free study guides are conveniently available as downloadable PDFs covering the key learning objectives of each module to make it easier for individuals to prepare for quizzes and the final exam.

Budget-friendly Training: Whether you’re a company interested in enrolling several employees or want to buy in bulk individually, you can reduce your training budget with great discounts on OSHA Online Courses.

Streamlined Administration: It’s convenient for companies to supervise the training progress of their employees and access downloadable OSHA certificates of the team through a central account. Moreover, staff changes can be easily adapted by adding or removing trainees and safety courses as required.

Diverse OSHA Safety Courses: You can choose from a broad range of OSHA Safety Courses, each focusing on essential site safety topics pertinent to the general and construction industry that align with their job roles and responsibilities.

Let’s Bulk Up on Safety Knowledge

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Head to the Free Sign Up Page, where you can input your data, such as your first name, last name, email address, and phone number. Lastly, select the type of account you want to proceed further with.

Individual Account:

Free Course: Commence your safety journey with a Free BONUS course that suits your career to experience our eLearning platform’s quality.

Buy More Courses: Obtain additional courses tailored to your pertinent industry and specific job requirements while taking advantage of significant bulk discounts on each OSHA safety training course.

Profile & Orders: Update your profile with personal info such as state, city, country, and company whenever convenient. In addition, you can also track your orders by ensuring the date and order details of every course you’ve purchased.

Business Account:

Add Trainees: You can create various trainee profiles depending on the number of individuals available in your team/ whom you want to enroll by adding their account and contact information such as username, email, password, address, and phone number. Furthermore, send the login credentials to each individual, granting them access to OSHA training courses.

Buy Courses: Buy OSHA safety training courses in alignment with the total strength of trainees you’ve enrolled and assign each course to them individually.

Courses Progress: As the sole manager of your team, you keep an eye on each trainee’s learning journey by evaluating their status and activity.

Orders: Keep track of your orders by ensuring the date and order details of each course you’ve purchased for your trainees.

Contact Information

For questions or assistance with bulk enrollment, our dedicated customer support team is here to help.

Phone: (888) 305-9791

Email: [email protected]