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Information on employee rights, employer responsibilities and preventing workplace hazards are all covered in this program.
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About OSHA 10-Hour New York Spanish Outreach Course

The Occupational Safety And Health Administration is a federal agency established with the aim to educate and train employees about the hazards in the construction industry. It teaches employees about workplace safety measures and policies, which empower the workforce to work safely and with maximum productivity.

The OSHA 10-Hour Construction  New York Spanish Industry Outreach Training Program is designed to provide a detailed overview of the major causes of dangers and the necessary precautionary measures every employee and employer must take and enforce, respectively. The course is available in Spanish to ensure maximum reach.

In New York, OSHA training is made compulsory, and employees having OSHA New York Spanish cards are reputed and given high-paying opportunities. So, it’s the right time to enroll in just 99 USD at

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Why To Opt For The 10-Hour Construction New York Spanish Outreach Training

Opting for the OSHA 10-Hour safety training course Spanish in New York comes with uncountable benefits. It’s important as its compulsory in this state and holds immense significance for the life, health, and career of an employee. The good thing is it’s equally benefitting to employers and organizations. If an incident occurs in an organization, they are bound to pay a hefty compensation. Sometimes, in the worst cases, they may be charged with a criminal offense. So, the course not only fuels up productivity, protects the lives of employees but saves from huge penalty charges.

Get Abundance of Knowledge: Enhanced Career Opportunities

The courses provided at 360 OSHA 30 are all authorized by OSHA, which means they occupy policies, frameworks, instructions, and guidance all based on OSHA standards.

By enrolling in our OSHA 10-Hour Construction New York Spanish Industry Outreach course, one taps into the world of information. The course consists of 10 modules where each targets a key area and aspect of the construction industry. You learn about the latest tools, techniques, and procedures in the safest way possible.

Secondly, an employee holding an OSHA Spanish card in New York gets far better opportunities than those who don’t opt for such a benefitting training. The training gives you practical skills and complete knowledge about all the procedures involved in the industry. From on-site safety hacks to workplace policies and regulations. You get to learn about your rights and responsibilities to safeguard your health and life.

Reduce Workplace Accidents With OSHA 10-Hour Construction Spanish

As per the report submitted by the Department of Labor, the construction industry accounts for the highest number of workplace accidents and illnesses. The operational activities and processes tend to put the life and health of employees at risk, considering that many organizations are either unaware or are not following proper safety checks and practices.

Hence, through the training, both the employees and employers learn about necessary measures and how to ensure fewer to no accidents occurring at the workplace. The OSHA 10-Hour Construction  New York Spanish Online Industry Training, educates about ways to handle and mitigate potential workplace hazards.

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OSHA 10-Hour Construction New York Spanish Certification Study Guide

At 360 OSHA 30, we make sure to offer a comprehensive study guide that takes you through the entire course swiftly. Our robust online platform has all the answers to your confusions and problems. Though the original cost of the course is around 159 USD, we offer it for just 99 USD. Hence, it’s budget friendly and gives you ample knowledge and information. Here’s what more you can get:

Flexible Completion Time

We at bring to you a highly flexible OSHA 10-Hour Spanish training course with the facility to complete it at your own pace. You do not have to rush or wait for the new module to upload, the moment you sign up you have it all. You can start learning whenever you get the time. No bound to location or time frame.

Online E-Books PDFs

You can find uncountable pdfs, e-books, notes and resources that can help you learn and practice quickly. Our trainers create well researched resources that descriptively elaborate on all key points and refer to different scenarios to reinforce problem solving skills.

OSHA-Certified Trainers

We have hired a huge panel of highly experienced, OSHA certified trainers who are available 24/7 with the students. No matter when you find trouble you can shoot an email or get in touch with the trainer who looks into the problem proactively and find the best way to make you understand the topic.

Sample Assessments

We know you may be anxious about your final assessments and want to practice a lot. On our platform, you can easily find sample assessments and past papers to understand the pattern of questions and evaluate your understanding before appearing for the final round.

Research Work Support

You get all your research work resources from our platform. You can further connect with the fellow students on the forum and discuss your pain points. You can get involved in long discussions to research about a topic and get an in depth insight about it.

Interactive Videos/Presentations

The best thing that we provide are the 3D interactive video lessons. We create 3D presentations of different scenarios and procedures, to make it visually appealing and grab the attention of learners. Moreover, it efficiently transfers the amount of information and makes it easy to comprehend.

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The 10 Modules Of OSHA 10-Hour Construction New York Spanish Training Course

The OSHA 10-Hour training course comprises 10 basic modules that highlight key hazards and aspects of the training.

Introduction to OSHA

The foremost module explains the mission, aims and goals of Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It emphasizes the significance of building a safe working environment by presenting the records of past incidents and injuries.

OSHA Focus Four Hazards – Part I

This module introduces and explains the Fatal Four Hazards. These are the prime causes of common workplace accidents, which include slips, falls, caught in and struck by incidents.

OSHA Focus Four Hazards – Part II

The third module guides about prevention strategies and precautionary measures to take in the site area and at the workplace. It addresses the best practices for teaching practical skills to the participants along with the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

The next module explains the use of Personal Protective Equipment, guiding about the selection, maintenance, and use of gears, tools and accessories. It’s an important module as it teaches practical skills.

Health Hazards in Construction:

In the light of health guidance, this module teaches about the rights and regulations to employees.The information involves exposure to harmful substances, constant loud noise, heavy vibrations, and heat for long hours; such hazards are briefly explained in the course.

Stairways and Ladders:

Major accounts of accidents are due to falls and slips from the ladder in the construction industry. Considering the severe consequences of mishandling the ladders and stairways, this module highlights the hazards and precautionary measures..


This module discusses scaffolding and the types of inspection involved. It guides about proper assembly along with educating the workers to take precautionary measures.

Cranes and Rigging:

Handling the heavy machinery and equipment triggers some major hazards. New workers are more prone to cause accidents and dangers when operating the machines at the site areas.

Excavation Safety:

The excavation measures involve soil analysis, the use of protective measures which every worker must be aware of. The ninth module gives more technical and in depth understanding of the construction industry and teaches about the right way to plan and execute projects.

Materials Handling, Storage, Use, and Disposal:

The module guides about individual materials including chemicals and manufacturing products and educates the workers about the right way of handling, maintaining and storing them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The courses offer a flexible duration to complete. However, the maximum limit is six months. After that, the course is considered outdated.

You are not time-bound or location-bound. In addition, the trainers are available 24/7 to help and guide you, unlike physical classes where you get restricted support.

There is a wide range of topics in the 10 Hour construction safety course, including guidance about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) hazard identification, and ways to take safety precautions.

The course specifically addresses all the construction hazards and underlines ways to combat the causes of accidents from happening. It highlights the core policies and rights that every organization should follow that revolve around keeping the life and health of the employees safe.