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The OSHA's 30-hour construction outreach training in New York (Spanish) is the best option.
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About Our OSHA 30-Hour Online Construction Spanish Training New York

The Occupational Safety And Health Administration designed a 30 Hour workplace safety training course for employees and employers. The goal is to educate and teach the workforce about safety precautions and hazards in the construction industry.

The federal agency has been working for years to come up with safety regulations and policies that can ensure the safeguarding of the health and lives of employees. One out of ten employees dies in the industry due to poor operational procedures or lack of knowledge to handle equipment, tools, and machinery. Mere negligence can cost a life. Hence, it’s the duty of everyone involved to learn about all the hazards and efficient ways to handle the situation.

At, we provide highly flexible online courses to construction workers. We aim to make the OSHA approved courses accessible and easy to comprehend for everyone to spread awareness and skills. So, join us now.

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Study Guide: OSHA 30 Hour Construction Spanish Industry Outreach Training Program New York

At 360 OSHA 30, you get ample resources to learn and practice. Compared to the traditional way of training, we have made ours more robust and easy to follow. You are neither bound by time nor location. We know the struggle to take the time out and travel to attend classes at a scheduled time. This discourages many employees who opt for an easy way out and avoid such training. However, on our platforms, we have a number of features to offer that can never fail to fascinate you.

OSHA-Certified Trainers

As part of the OSHA-30 Construction Spanish Online Industry Training New York course, you will get to learn from our highly qualified, OSHA-certified panel of trainers who bend over backward to make things easier for you to understand. Our trainers give individual attention to all the candidates and make sure to come up with efficient ways to spread awareness.

Learning Resources

Once you enroll in our OSHA 30 Hour Construction Spanish Industry Outreach Course, you get to unlock a plethora of information online. You can learn from ebooks, downloadable pdfs, and sample assessments. You can get notes and all the necessary study materials that can help clarify all your confusion in no time.

Interactive Learning

Through 3D videos, games, and group studies, our candidates get to learn through various interactive methods. You will feel like attending the traditional class at any moment you play the session. All the modules are designed with visually appealing videos that ensure fast and quick learning practices. We want you to get in-depth information about every single topic.

Flexibility And Accessibility

As mentioned earlier, the OSHA Outreach 30 Hour Construction Spanish New York course is designed to ensure the utmost flexibility, transparency, and enhanced accessibility. You can learn at your own pace and in your own time. The course is of 30 hours, but you can complete it within 24 hours if you want or stretch it to six months.

The Modules Of OSHA 30 Construction Spanish Certification New York

At 360 OSHA 30, you can enroll in our OSHA 30 Hour Construction Spanish New York course for just 99 USD and get to acquire knowledge from a vast glossary of topics. There are a total of 28 Modules, and each covers an important aspect of the construction industry. Let us take you through the modules and help you better understand what to expect:

Workplace Safety Rights & Policies

As part of the initial modules, construction employees learn about the aims, mission, and goals of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It also guides employee rights and responsibility. On the other hand, the Module teaches organizations about enforcing the right safety policies and regulations.

Focus Four Hazards

The next part of the course introduces the Focus Four Hazards that are likely to occur in the construction industry. These hazards involve falls, slips, caught-ins, and struck-by accidents that may result in serious injuries and fatalities. Hence, you get to learn about the details and ways to stay conscious and safe.

Personal Protective Equipment

Linked to the former modules of the OSHA 30 Hour Construction Spanish Training, this specific module teaches about the ways of using, selecting, and maintaining personal protective equipment. They guide us about the ways to choose the right and appropriate gear and methods to handle hazardous equipment safely.

Electrical Safety Hazards

Giving information about PPE- Personal Protective Equipment, the enriching modules guide you about several safety measures to handle electrical and heavy construction machinery and equipment. It guides the selection, use, maintenance, and handling of equipment to ensure the safeguarding of the health of workers.

Health Safety and Material Handling

In these modules, the employee learns about all the hazardous substances and machinery. The use of heavy machinery, lifting heavy weight, using ladders for steep highlights and staffords. It gives detailed explanations about ways to use advanced technology efficiently and how to stay safe from all the hazards. Moreover, it teaches about handling and storing materials that can cause trouble over time.

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OSHA 30 Construction Spanish Training: Final Assessments Guide

Once you complete the 30 hours of your course and learn all about the key points, you have to appear in the final assessment to get your downloadable certificate. In the assessment there comes multiple choice questions, and scenario based problems. It aims to assist the understanding and consciousness of the employee. It evaluates how much the candidate has learned and whether he is able to acquire the OSH certificate card or not.

Get OSHA 30 DOL Card New York: Upgrade Your Career Plan

Issued by the Department of Labor, upon the completion of OSHA 30 safety training course in New York, the DOL card holds immense value and significance for an employee in the state. All over the US, the OSHA certification and OSHA 30 Spanish DOL card is made compulsory to get good opportunities and reputed jobs. Based on 29 CFR 1926, the courses educate about latest regulations and policies making sure that every organization work as per the OSHA standards. So, get on our platform and enroll in our courses offered at the lowest price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The construction safety course OSHA 30-Hour, descriptively covers several topics. It’s based on a total of 28 modules that outline: Hazard Communication, Fire Prevention, Scaffolds, Electrical, Fall Protection, Excavations, Cranes, Personal Protective Equipment, Health Hazards in Construction, Welding & Cutting, and many more.

The course duration time is six months; however, it’s up to you to decide the pace of completing it. You can complete it within 24 to 48 hours as well.

The OSHA construction safety training course is designed to provide countless benefits to both employees and employers. It helps you understand your rights, industry frameworks, and policies, along with learning about all safety protocols and measures. It teaches about hazard identification while helping you gain transferable skills. Above all, with the OSHA 30-Hour construction training certification and DOL card, you get to unlock unlimited work opportunities in your industry. And such employees and organizations are highly regarded in over 58 states in the US.

It is mandatory in some of the regions across the United States that includes New York, Nevada, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Missouri, and Rhode Island.

The OSHA 30 Card will be dispatched to you at your address. The flashy, physical card is authorized by the Department of Labor (DOL) and is acceptable in all the regions of the United States.

The original cost of the OSHA 30-Hour course is $159; however, at you can get it only for $99.