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Are you about to begin your career in the construction industry? Do you think you are fully aware of all the workplace hazards and safety precautions?

Get enrolled in our OSHA 30 Spanish available at the lowest price. The strategically designed courses provided at are all authorized by OSHA and offer a plethora of knowledge.

Educating organizations to lay their policies and regulations as per OSHA standards, the federal agency has been actively participating in spreading workplace safety awareness. A huge shift in operational activities has been witnessed over the years, encouraging employees to take on the learning expenditure. So, what’s holding you back? Get enrolled and pay later.

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About 30-Hour OSHA Construction Spanish Industry Outreach Training Program

Specially designed for Spanish-speaking workers, our OSHA 30-Hour course in Spanish for Construction offers an extensive understanding of workplace safety measures. The course contains a total of 28 modules that step-by-step elaborates on the right policies, hazard identification, and safety protocols for the employees.

It aims to nurture the workforce with a better understanding of the industry and its critical aspects. This helps safeguard the health and lives of employees while giving them the confidence to lead their professional careers with deep knowledge of the operations and responsibilities.

At, we make sure that every employee learns at their own pace and gains ample knowledge to undertake all the challenges while becoming a role model at work. The courses follow 29 CFR 1926 to provide highly updated information.

What You Get From

If you are too occupied at work and still planning to get the training, we have an easy solution. At, we offer fully online 30-Hour safety training courses designed with engaging animations, interactive videos demonstrating 3D models, updated content, and a streaming-through-all-devices option for every module.

Apart from this, you get the support and guidance from well-trained OSHA-certified trainers who indulge every individual student making sure each one of them gets completely involved. You get the flexibility to complete your course at your pace.

Once you complete the course, you can un-tap countless opportunities in the construction industry. You get hired for high-paying jobs and are considered a more reliable and knowledgeable candidate at work. In less than 100 dollars, you can get to learn so much more from just a single course. So, what are you waiting for? Join the platform now!

Building the Foundation of Your Career

Get OSHA 30 Spanish with a FREE Course

Study Guide: OSHA 30-Hour Course in Spanish for Construction

Do you know that 1 out of 5 U.S. workers die in the construction industry? The industry accounts for the highest fatalities and health disease ratios due to insecure operational activities and unclear policies. Hence, Occupational Safety and Health Administration created two of the most commonly followed courses to educate the workers.

At, you get to enroll in the training program in your desired language at in affordable price of $99. You learn about hazard identification, Personal Protective Equipment, Safety measures, and your rights and organizational policies. Here’s what more you can get:

Updated Curriculum:

As per the OSHA policy, every candidate must consult and learn from the course within a timeframe of six months at most. After this, there are chances that OSHA has improved the information, made amendments, and added new regulatory policies. At, you get to learn from up-to-date modules whenever you get enrolled.

OSHA-Certified Trainers

Our OSHA 30 Construction training course in Spanish connects you with highly experienced and certified trainers. They keep the student well-informed and support them to complete the course with a remarkable score and understanding.

Virtual Demonstration

To teach practical skills, we do not rely on theoretical methods; instead, opt for interactive and animation explainer videos that are based on different scenarios. In this way, the construction workers get to learn about the course with more accuracy and detailing.

Learning Materials: eBooks, Downloadable PDFs

We provide you with whatever resources you need to complete your course, from eBooks to PDFs to Interactive videos and sample assessments. We make sure that every construction worker comprehends efficiently without leaving a shred of doubt in their mind.

Workers’ Forums

We all need a place where we can connect, socialize and share ideas with our fellow mates. With the aim to encourage collaborative efforts, we have a Writers’ community where everybody openly interacts and shares their pain points. They discuss the modules and help each other in making notes.

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30-Hour OSHA Construction Spanish Industry Outreach Course Modules

Learning about identifying, predicting, and avoiding workplace hazards in the construction industry is important. When you step into an industry, you must know things that work there and what right as an employee you have.

The course is ideally designed for all sorts of construction workers, from field operators to painters to builders. It covers all the ideas of concern while teaching the employees about ways to safeguard their health and life. So, here is a brief description of the top 5 modules of this Spanish safety training course

1. Introduction to OSHA and Workplace Safety:

The foremost part of the OSHA course highlights the rights, policies, aims, and contributions of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration agency. It connects the construction workers with the OSHA mission. Along with that, it teaches about the importance of workplace safety and its hazards.

2. Focus on Four Hazards and Preventive Measures:

The next phase of the course targets the Focus-Four hazards of the construction industry. According to the statistics, a majority of the incidents occur due to these four reasons: slip, fall, caught-in, and struck-by incidents. One should learn about the different scenarios they have to get involved in to avoid such repercussions. While teaching about the identification of such hazards, the course also outlines preventative measures.

3. Electrical Safety and Handling Equipment:

Giving information about PPE- Personal Protective Equipment, the enriching modules guide you about several safety measures to handle electrical and heavy construction machinery and equipment. It guides the selection, use, maintenance, and handling of equipment to ensure the safeguarding of the health of workers.

4. Health Hazards and Material Handling:

Moving forward comes the knowledge related to preventing and identifying hazards related to construction operations. It covers all the aspects to teach the workers about safely handling materials like chemicals and other substances. It teaches about the ways to handle and manage hazardous substances, tools and equipment.

5. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Fall Protection:

The last part comprehensively elaborates on all safety gear and tools under the modules – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), all related to the construction industry. It provides a detailed overview of the use of glasses, gloves, safety kits, and protective clothing. You get to learn about fall protection and the right use of ladders with other essential protective gear..

OSHA Certification & DOL Card: How To Get It?

Once you complete the course, you have to appear in the OSHA assessment, which consists of quizzes, problem-solving questions, and some theoretical explanations to judge your understanding. If you score above 40%, you get the OSHA certification and the physical OSHA Spanish card issued by the Department of Labor. The DOL card is of utmost importance in over 58 states in the United States, where OSHA training is mandatory for all construction employees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The construction safety course – OSHA 30 hours, descriptively covers several topics. It’s based on a total of 28 modules that outline: Hazard Communication, Fire Prevention, Scaffolds, Electrical, Fall Protection, Excavations, Cranes, Personal Protective Equipment, Health Hazards in Construction, Welding & Cutting, and many more.

The online course facilitates you with the flexibility to complete it at your own pace it be within 24 hours, a week, or at a maximum of 6 months.

Designed for Spanish construction workers the course is benefitting for both the organization and its employees. It helps you understand your rights, industry frameworks, and policies, along with learning about all safety protocols and measures. It guides about hazard identification while helping you gain transferable skills. Moreover, you get the DOL card upon completion that holds immense value in the industry.

The OSHA DOL Card is delivered physically to your doorstep whereas to get the OSHA certificate you can download it from our platform once you have successfully completed your course.