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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends indulging in safety certification courses.
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360 OSHA 10: Designed To Safeguard Your Health & Life offers the OSHA Outreach 10-Hour Construction Course that forms a basis to educate and guide workers about workplace safety hazards, precautions, and rights. OSHA 29 CFR 1926 was formed to spread awareness that can help save the health and life of workers.

Industries, particularly construction, involve sites, processes, operations, and tools that can be hazardous for employees. Therefore, in over 50 states in the United States, the organizations are instructed to follow OSHA regulations. At, you get the avenue to enroll and learn 10-Hour OSHA 360 online training at your flexible time and convenience.

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About OSHA 10 360 Training Course offers the accredited 360 OSHA 10 to provide basic safety training to workers that serves as an overview of potential hazards. It introduces significant measures construction workers can take to handle and eliminate life-threatening hazards and illnesses. Our course has an abundance of features to assist workers and employers. Some of them are listed below:

Updated Curriculum:

The 360 OSHA 10 covers safety topics that range from fall protection, hazard identification, personal protective equipment (PPE), electrical safety, and machine guarding to hazard communication.

Experienced Trainers

We have a panel of highly trained and certified trainers who look into the depth of the matter and come up with interactive and easy-to-learn approaches. They stay connected with every student and provide individual learning sessions.

Virtual Demonstration

Through virtual tools and 3D modeling, our trainers connect the workers with real-life-incidents and teach them about safety measures. The aim is to make them self-sufficient in terms of knowledge and skills to handle any hazardous situation for the benefit of themselves and others.

Notes, Books, PDFs: Learning Materials

We at keep you well-equipped with all 360 training OSHA 10 learning materials. From books to case studies to research papers, you can access a huge directory of materials that help you complete the course with flying colors. You won’t find any blocker or hurdle when it comes to understanding and execution.

Workers Community

Through online forums and discussion boards, workers stay connected with the construction community. This helps in collective understanding and enables teamwork spirit. They get to share ideas, thoughts, and knowledge that act as a support system for everyone in need.

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Our OSHA 10 Construction Modules

Discover strategically designed and thought-out course modules you can learn from. Enroll in the course now.

Introduction to OSHA

Provides the overview of OSHA’s mission, standards, and worker rights. It emphasizes the importance of workplace safety and health.

Focus Four Hazards

It covers the “Focus Four” hazards in construction that include falls, electrocution, struck-by incidents, and caught-in/between hazards.

Fall Protection

Covers information about the various fall protection systems, including  safety nets, guardrails, positioning devices, and personal fall arrest systems.

Struck-By and Caught-In/Between Hazards

It offers information to prevent injuries from being struck by or caught while moving equipment, machinery, or objects.

Electrical Safety

It aims to teach workers about various equipment, guiding them about the ways to handle and operate while avoiding electrocution hazards.

Health Hazards in Construction

Workers must learn about the Identification and prevention of health hazards, which include exposure to respiratory hazards, hazardous substances, and hazardous waste.

Material Handling

This module covers information related to storage and safe handling of materials to prevent injuries and accidents.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

One of the most important modules: it covers information related to the proper use and selection of equipment, including safety glasses,  hard hats, protective clothing and gloves.

OSHA 10 Construction Online Course Assessment

360 training OSHA 10-Hour Construction Industry online course aims to regulate OSHA standards of workplace safety. As the workers complete the 10-modules-based course, they have to appear in the assessment that theoretically examines their understanding and knowledge.

The course completion timeline is six months; however, workers can complete it within 24 to 48 hours as per preferences. The final exam comprises 20 questions that cover most of the topics. One needs to score 70% to pass the assessment.

Once you have cleared the examination, you are credited with a downloadable OSHA certification and get your DOL card, which holds immense value in the construction industry.

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The Benefits Of Getting OSHA 10-Hour Online Construction Training

It’s important to value yourself, to make sure that the place where you work every day is safe and has the potential to safeguard your health and life. At, we aim to give you the power of knowledge to evaluate the situations, environment, and ways of handling a hazardous scenario.

We equip you with the intelligence and skills to save yourself and the precious lives of others. So, delve deeper and learn about the incredible outcomes you can get OSHA-authorized training program available at the lowest price

Increased Job Opportunities

Majorly in the United States, organizations now demand employees to be OSHA certified and acquire the DOL card. Through this training you enhance your employment prospects and career opportunities.

Improved Safety Awareness

With the course, the construction workers and employers gain a better understanding of workplace hazards and safety protocols. This makes them more attentive and conscious of common and potential risks along with making them aware about the ways to prevent accidents.

Reduced Workplace Accidents

With increased safety knowledge and awareness, workers are better equipped to identify and mitigate hazards, leading to a decrease in workplace accidents and injuries.

Health Hazard Awareness

Through the OSHA training course, every employee gets fully aware about the health concerns, hazards and safety measures necessary to ensure. This creates a long-term benefitting impact on their personal and professional life.

Portable Credential

The OSHA 10 course offers you two different types of portable credentials. Firstly you can access your account from anywhere in the world and attend sessions. Secondly, the OSHA has universal recognition. It adds more credibility in your skillset.

Are You Eligible For The OSHA Training Course?

The topics and modules are strategically designed for Entry level construction workers. The course is open to various categories of employees. All skilled and unskilled workers, including plumbers, electricians, laborers, carpenters, and construction trades, can enroll in the course.

Apart from this, managers, supervisors, and subcontractors can brush up their knowledge by getting the safety overview through the short OSHA 10-Hour online construction training. The information in each course is updated after every six months, so everyone can get something valuable from it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The original price of the 360 OSHA 10 safety training program is $99, but we are offering the entire course in just $49 with complete learning materials.

Here are the 10 basic Modules that are covered in OSHA 10 training:

  • Module 1: Introduction to OSHA
  • Module 2: OSHA Focus Four Hazards
  • Module 3: Personal Protective Equipment
  • Module 4: Health Hazards in Construction
  • Module 5: Stairways and Ladders
  • Module 6: Cranes, Derricks, Hoists, Elevators and Conveyors
  • Module 7: Excavations
  • Module 8: Materials Handling, Use and Disposal
  • Module 9: Scaffolds
  • Module 10: Tools ‐ Hand and Power

The training course is available in multiple languages, however, you may have to enroll in a specific language.

You can verify the authenticity of your OSHA certificate by checking if the supplier is authorized by OSHA or not. Make sure that your certificate contains the correct information. Every certificate has its unique certification number. Cross-check the number with the provider’s records. Lastly, check the security features that include official seals or holograms.