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OSHA offers 30-hour training programs for both the construction industry and the general public.
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All About New York OSHA 30-Hour Construction Industry Outreach

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is a federal agency established in the United States with an aim to educate employees and employers about workplace safety and hazards.

The course OSHA 30 Hour comprises 28 modules that help employees learn all about workplace hazards in the construction industry. They get knowledge and learn practical skills to ensure safety at work.

At, we help you get OSHA training at a flexible time, under the supervision of certified trainers, and enjoy ample resources to learn and research. Though the original price of the course is $159 but at, you will get the cheapest price to enroll for just $99.

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Who Needs OSHA 30-Hour Online Construction Training New York?

The OSHA 30 Hour Construction Industry Outreach Course New York is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the construction industry to candidates. The Modules descriptively explain every hazard while giving information about safety precautions.

If you are directly or indirectly involved in the industry, it’s best to stay updated and enroll in the course. The OSHA Outreach 30 Hour Construction Course is recommended to construction supervisors, managers, workers, contractors, and even subcontractors. The safety personnel should also take the training along with project managers and inspectors.

Our OSHA 30 Construction Industry Study Guide

At, we offer OSHA-approved 30-Hour OSHA courses based on 29 CFR 1926. At the lowest price, you get to acquire a plethora of information and empower your career while safeguarding your health and life. Here are the many features we offer to every construction worker.

Online Study Material

You don’t have to rely only on the one hour module to understand the topic, we have plenty of study material available on the platform. From eBooks to downloadable pdfs to notes, we have got you covered. No matter what topic you want to learn you will always find a highly updated source of information.

OSHA-Certified Trainers

Much like a traditional training session, our qualified trainers give individual attention to each candidate. They help them 24/7 so whenever you feel like connecting with them you can easily log in and share your concerns.

Interactive Learning

We encourage interactive learning practices; hence, we create groups of students to enhance team building skills. We provide highly intuitive 3D videos with descriptive visuals to help comprehend information faster and efficiently.

Sample Assessment Support

We know you may have a lot of confusion and nervousness surrounding your final assessment, at you get sample assessment papers to help practice more. We assist you in reinforcing your concepts and making you better understand the topics.

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OSHA 30 Hour Construction Industry Training course

The OSHA 30 Construction online industry training in New York provides a more in-depth understanding of possible hazards in the construction industry. The modules cover different aspects of occupational safety and health topics, including regulations and policies. Here are the details about what to expect in those 28 modules:

Introduction to OSHA & Health Hazards

In the initial part of the course, you get to learn about the safety rights and responsibilities you have and what policies organizations must enforce. You learn about hazard identification and get an overview of how crucial it is to acquire proper workplace safety training in New York.

Fall Protection & Electrical Safety

The OSHA construction safety training course introduces you to the two most common reasons behind the majority of accidents and fatalities – Fatal Four and Electrocution. The Fatal Four includes falls, slips, caught-by and stuck-with reasons, and the poor handling of electrical equipment results in electrocution.

Hazard Communication & PPE

Teaching you about ways to stay safe and to take necessary preventive measures, the modules in the second part of the course detail the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and elaborates on Hazard communication. Furthermore, it guides the use, selection, and maintenance of PPE.

Confined Space Entry and Machine Guarding

You learn about the dangers of confined spaces along with mastering the skills to explore methods to safeguard machinery, thus preventing injuries. Moreover, you get to learn about fire protection methods as well as about ways to handle a hazardous situation.

Welding, Cutting, and Brazing

Giving you guidance to help enhance your practical skill set, the 30 Hour construction outreach course underlines instructions to address considerations that need to be followed during the hot work processes. Similarly, you must handle the materials carefully, and every material has some safety precautions that you should know. The course descriptively talks about lifting, storing, and handling construction materials.

Ergonomics and Scaffolds

It’s important to understand the Ergonomics principles, and similarly, learning about scaffold types is crucial too. The modules teach you all about assembly, use, and safe practices of Scaffolds. Similarly teaching you about the preventative measures regarding musculoskeletal disorders.

Excavation and Trenching

Covering the OSHA regulations – 29 CFR 1926, the module defines proper excavation and trenching procedures and the safest procedures to ensure the safeguarding of the health and life of the employees. With topics related to soil analysis and classification, along with regulations to build a protective system.

Are You Ready to Prove Your Commitment to Safety with New York OSHA 30 Card?

OSHA 30-Hour Safety Training Certification

Upon successfully completing the OSHA 30 Hour safety training course in New York, employees get to attempt the final assessments. The minimum score needed is 40% to clear the exam. Once cleared, construction workers get the OSHA 30 Hour certificate.

Furthermore, the Department of labor issues DOL cards in New York which hold immense importance in the US. Employees having the OSHA 30 card New York are reputed and welcomed for promising posts. Employees get their card delivered by with the downloadable certificate from the platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The New York OSHA 30-hour has 28 Modules covering. The course covers a wide variety of topics that include hazard identification, employee safety rights, fall protection, personal protective equipment, electrical safety, and measures to handle and maintain heavy equipment and machinery.

The maximum time of the course is six months; however, you have the flexibility to complete it at your pace. You can complete this New York OSHA 30-hour training within 48 hours as per your needs.

There many benefits. This certificate makes you eligable for different construction jobs in the New York areas. With this, you learn about workplace hazards and safety precautionary measures. Most importantly, you get the OSHA 30-Hour certificate with the DOL card, which is incredibly important to boost your career prospects.

Once you finish the certification program, you get the DOL card delivered to your doorstep at your New York address.

The original price of the course is 159 USD, but at you get the complete course for only 99 USD.