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Taking safety certification training is advised by OSHA, an agency known as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
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Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a federal agency in the US that has laid down some regulations and policies to ensure workplace safety. The agency aims to educate workers and employers to learn about workplace hazards through some well-designed construction outreach courses in Spanish.

As part of the agenda, 360 OSHA 30 steps forward to assist construction workers in learning all about safety protocols through OSHA approved valuable courses. The OSHA training 10-Hour course in Spanish for Construction are one of our most valuable training programs that help you take an abundance of knowledge and practical skills for a prosperous and safer career.

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All About Our OSHA 10 for Construction in Spanish

The OSHA 10 spanish provides basic knowledge about the possible hazards involved in the construction industry. Every year thousands of cases are reported where workers get affected with life-threatening diseases, get severe health issues, or even die due to poor working conditions or lack of knowledge to handle the gear and equipment.

Toxic chemicals, heavy machinery, risky construction sites, and different operational hazards are involved in this industry that a worker should be knowledgeable about. They must know what to do and how to handle a situation that can safeguard their health and life.

Through the OSHA 10 for Construction in Spanish, we at aim to provide modules that cover various topics to empower employees and help reduce workplace accidents.

The Core Objectives Of Our Safety Training Outreaching Program

Did you know that according to the Department of Labor in the Us, there were over 2.61 million nonfatal workplace safety incidents reported in 2021? The incidents majorly involved falls, slips, and trips. However, if you compare the stats with that recorded in the previous month, you will find a drop of 1.8%. This is due to the spread of safety awareness among the workers.

When organizations gradually shifted to OSHA standards of workplace safety, the change became evident. There has been a revolution in the construction industry as both the employees and the employers have become conscious of identifying and handling workplace hazards. Here are some of the core objectives of the OSHA 10-Hour course in Spanish for Construction:

Improve Workplace Safety Awareness:

The foremost objective of OSHA is to spread safety awareness; hence, through the OSHA 10-Hour Spanish Outreach Program online, we teach employees about the proactive techniques to handle any situation. We guide them about ways to keep their health safe and protected from hazardous chemicals and bacteria, along with giving them practical skills to handle machinery and equipment.

Comprehend OSHA Regulations:

Every worker must be aware of their basic rights and responsibilities. You must know what policies should be enforced in the workplace and what every individual should do to maintain a safer working environment. Hence, the OSHA 10-Hour course covers all of these sensitive areas.

Identify and Mitigate Hazards:

When working in an industry like construction, it’s important to be aware of identifying and litigating workplace hazards. The course teaches about the risks associated with electrical equipment, machinery, working at heights, and lifting/handling heavy machinery/tools.

Promote Safety Culture:

The OSHA 10 guides employees about fostering a safety-oriented workplace culture to make sure that every employee thrives and succeeds without the fear of losing their life or health. We aim to teach every individual how to work in a team and the importance of taking care of teammates, assisting them, and staying vigilant when assigned tasks that involve hazardous practices.

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No More Falls, No More Slips

Are you new to the construction industry? Have you just stepped into making a future in this industry?

There are certain protocols that you must follow. At work, you may be exposed to harmful chemicals or have to handle toxic materials that can cause severe damage to your skin or eyes. You may have to be present at heights to monitor or handle construction work or drag and lift heavy machinery to critical spots. During all such operations and processes, there are some safety gears you should put on, tips you must know to avoid getting into trouble, and policies that you should be aware of to safeguard your health and life. So, to be equipped, join the OSHA 10-Hour Construction Outreach Course in Spanish available online.

About The 10 Modules of OSHA 10 Online Spanish

To qualify for the OSHA Spanish Card, you need to complete each of the below-listed modules. The course addresses ways to identify and eliminate potential hazards at construction sites and workplaces.

Introduction to OSHA

The first module guides the participants about their basic rights and responsibilities when working in the construction industry. It gives an overview of the aims and mission of the federal agency and the impact they have witnessed drawing the change through their safety regulations. The module emphasizes the significance of building a safe working environment by presenting the records of past incidents and injuries.

OSHA Focus Four Hazards – Part I

This module is two-parter. The first part covers the Fatal Four hazards that are common in the workplace. The four focused hazards are the prime reasons for injuries and accidents. These include hazards that cause slips, falls and trips, electrocution, caught-in/between, or struck by incidents. The module teaches ways to identify and mitigate these hazards.

OSHA Focus Four Hazards – Part II

In continuation with the previous module, the second part taps into the deeper level of prevention strategies. It addresses the best practices for teaching practical skills to the participants. It emphasizes the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and how such gear can protect the lives of individuals.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

The module gets into the details of covering up various types of personal protective equipment (PPE) and tools needed to safeguard employees from workplace hazards. The workers learn about individual details to select, use, maintain, and hold these gears.

Health Hazards in Construction:

The fifth module addresses all the serious and life-threatening diseases the workers are prone to experience if safety measures and protocols are not followed properly. The exposure to harmful substances, constant loud noise, the exposure to vibrations, and heat; such hazards are briefly explained in the course.

Stairways and Ladders:

In the construction industry, workers have to climb to heights of towers and buildings and get the job done, which involves a lot of hazards. Hence, this module particularly focuses on teaching about the right selection and safety precautions to eliminate incidents from happening.


The next module details the information about scaffolding, where you get to learn about the different types of scaffolding, inspection, proper assembly, and safe measures to take, thus ensuring the prevention of scaffold-related incidents.

Cranes and Rigging:

This part of the course focuses on the safe practices to handle and use heavy machinery in the construction industry, including cranes and rigging equipment. It teaches about the proper inspection techniques, operation, and communication while using the cranes to ensure minimal risks.

Excavation Safety:

The module teaches about safe excavation practices, where you learn about trenching and excavation safety, which include protective systems, soil analysis, and safe work procedures.

Materials Handling, Storage, Use, and Disposal:

This is the last module that teaches about storing, handling, disposing, and using construction materials in the workplace. At, we ensure to teach you about potential workplace hazards, which cover the details about transporting the materials, and minimizing the possible risks.

The Final Assessment and Quizzes of OSHA 10-Hour Spanish Course

The criteria of the assessments are to check the understanding of the workers while giving them a chance to reinforce their knowledge. The quizzes consist of multiple-choice questions and scenario-based problem-solving questions.

Upon completing the assessments, the OSHA 10 Spanish online is issued if the worker clears over 40% of the score. The workers get the OSHA Spanish DOL CARD, which has immense value in the construction industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At we offer an OSHA 10 Spanish Safety training course for just $99, however, its original cost of the course is $159. The price of the Spanish course is same as the english course.

No. The OSHA 10-hour construction Spanish course contains the same 10 modules that available in other languages. It covers the introduction of the OSHA, focused-four hazards and their prevention techniques which involves Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), health measures and other workplace hazards with their precautionary measures.

The training course is available in multiple languages, however, you may have to enroll in a specific language. If you are selecting the Spanish course, you will get all the modules and research material in the same language.

Your certificate should have correct bio and course details. Secondly, you can check the unique certificate number and verify it by cross checking it from the provider’s site. The last aspect is checking the hologram and the official seal. These three aspects can rightly help you verify your certificate.