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About Our Affordable New York OSHA Outreach 10-Hour Construction Course

Occupational Safety and Health Administration is a federal agency founded in the United States with the aim of spreading awareness about workplace hazards, particularly in the construction industry. The agency created online courses that are structured and designed to educate the workers and employers to safeguard their lives and health without disrupting the level of productivity.

At, we make the 10-Hour OSHA Construction training course in New York accessible for all. The OSHA-approved courses have highly updated information and regulations. Each course comes with a set of modules that target key aspects involved in the safety training of the employees. Our aim is to encourage the workers, supervisors, and all construction professionals to join the platform and learn more to thrive in a safer environment.

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Why To Opt For Our New York OSHA 10-Hour Construction Training

Despite the major advancements happening in the construction industry, the rates of fatalities and severe health injuries have shown an upward graph. Due to the rise in the number of accidents in the construction industry, organizations have been instructed to enforce safety regulations and policies, thereby training and guiding their employees.

Roughly 20% of employee deaths are in the construction industry in the United States, which further emphasizes the importance and need to opt for 10-Hour Construction certification in New York. Check out the benefits one can get from the course below:

Improved Workplace Safety Awareness

Our OSHA-10 Construction Online Industry Training New York widely covers topics related to common and serious hazards of the construction industry. From guiding hazard identification to electrical safety measures, the modules intend to spread health safety guidance.

Reduction in Workplace Accidents

The enhanced safety awareness and guidance make the individual conscious about their work environment. They inquire about policies and learn to take precautionary measures to safeguard their life and those of others.

Compliance with Regulations

In over 58 states in the United States, including New York, American Samoa, Guam, Wake Island, Johnston Island, and Northern Mariana Islands it is compulsory to have OSHA safety training certification. Organizations require industry-specific training to acquire reputed jobs.

Empowerment of Workers

The OSHA 10 Hour Training Course is designed to empower construction workers about their responsibilities and rights. It guides them to stay confident and conscious when at work. They work proactively and stay vigilant to identify hazards. Above all, they are equipped with complete understanding to take safety and precautionary measures at the time of need.

Reduction in Downtime

The OSHA 10-Hour outreach training course serves as beneficial for both employees and employers. With fewer accidents and illnesses, the organization experiences an increase in productivity and avoids disruptions.

Who Can Take The OSHA 10-Hour Construction Safety Training in New York

The course outline is designed to guide new workers, job seekers, contractors, sub-contractors, temporary workers, and even supervisors and managers. For new construction workers, it acts as a plethora of information, and for supervisors, it provides a quick overview of the main hazards they can encounter at work. So, on the whole, it’s beneficial for all and should be provided to workers belonging to different fields in the construction industry.

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The Modules Of Our New York 10-Hour OSHA Construction Course

The OSHA 10-Hour course comprises 10 modules where each one of them highlights key hazards and aspects of the training. Descriptively presenting the examples and scenarios, every module elaborate on hazard identification and resources needed to ensure safety of life and health.

Introduction to OSHA

In the foremost module of the course, participants get the insights about Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s goals and aims. It elaborates on the importance of taking the course and how it connects the construction workers with the mission of the federal agency. The module emphasizes the significance of building a safe working environment by presenting the records of past incidents and injuries.

OSHA Focus Four Hazards – Part I

The second module is connected with the third one. In Part 1 of the module you get to learn about the fatal Four hazards that a worker is most likely to encounter. These Fatal Four Hazards are the prime causes of common workplace accidents. They include slips, falls, caught in and struck by incidents. The module teaches ways to identify and mitigate these hazards.

OSHA Focus Four Hazards – Part II

In the third module which is a continuation of the second one, workers learn about ways to combat the hazards. It guides them about prevention strategies and precautionary measures to take in the site area and at the workplace. It addresses the best practices for teaching practical skills to the participants. Furthermore, it elaborates the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

The fourth module gives a detailed description about the use of Personal Protective Equipment. It guides the workers about the selection, maintenance, and use of gears, tools and accessories that can help safeguard their health and life. This comes down to be one of the most important modules as it gives practical understanding to the candidates.

Health Hazards in Construction:

The next module sheds light on all the serious and life-threatening diseases the workers are prone to experience if they do not take safety measures or follow the protocols properly. The operations involve exposure to harmful substances, constant loud noise, heavy vibrations, and heat for long hours; such hazards are briefly explained in the course.

Stairways and Ladders:

According to the OSHA reports, around one-third of the fall-related-deaths are from falls and slips from the ladder. Considering the severe consequences of mishandling the ladders and stairways, the module specifically highlights the hazards and precautionary measures. It guides about selecting the right ladders and ways to maintain and handle them.


Scaffolds are a crucial aspect in the lists of hazards of the construction industry. This module discusses scaffolding and the types of inspection involved. It guides about proper assembly along with educating the workers to take precautionary measures.

Cranes and Rigging:

Handling the heavy machinery and equipment triggers some major hazards. New workers are more prone to cause accidents and dangers when operating the machines at the site areas. Hence, the module aims to describe every operation and function of such machinery whether crane or lifting equipment to ensure safe operations. Along with this, workers get to learn about maintaining and using the machinery as well.

Excavation Safety:

The excavation measures involve soil analysis, the use of protective measures which every worker must be aware of. The ninth module gives more technical and in depth understanding of the construction industry and teaches about the right way to plan and execute projects.

Materials Handling, Storage, Use, and Disposal:

Material handling and storage is the last topic of the OSHA 10-Hour outreach course. The module guides about individual materials including chemicals and manufacturing products and educates the workers about the right way of handling, maintaining and storing them. As there are toxic fumes in most chemicals and they need a certain degree of temperature for storing, the module highlights these crucial aspects thoroughly.

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At the lowest price, our construction workers get the opportunity to become OSHA-certified employees. Upon completing the course, they appear in assessments that critically analyze their level of understanding through multiple-choice questions and problem-solving scenarios. Every worker has to score higher than 40% to get the OSHA certification and receive the OSHA card in New York from the Department of Labor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The courses offer a flexible duration to complete. You may complete it within 24 hours or take months. However, the maximum limit is six months. After that, the course is considered outdated.

The online course benefits you from attending classes wherever you want. You are not time-bound or location-bound. In addition, the trainers are available 24/7 to help and guide you, unlike physical classes where you get restricted support.

There is a wide range of topics in the 10-Hour construction safety course, including guidance about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) hazard identification, and ways to take safety precautions.

The course specifically addresses all the construction hazards and underlines ways to combat the causes of accidents from happening. It highlights the core policies and rights that every organization should follow that revolve around keeping the life and health of the employees safe.

As soon as you get your downloadable certification, you are free to apply for any job. In the meantime, your physical DOL card will be delivered to your doorstep, which holds immense value and importance.